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AI Next strongly believes in three words “COMMITMENT, HARDWORK & SINCERITY", and strives hard towards achieving it.


Our Vision & Mission

AI Next has created a clear vision to seek out Competitive advantages for our esteemed clients through the Innovative use of Technology and to help them to achieve long term Success and prosperity. AI Next has strong & dedicated mission to achieve targeted goals and to meet the clients requirements & strongly adhere to our own standards, guidelines, & quality process.


How to get there?

By continuously learning & implementing new, better technologies & processes in our software and business solutions development. By continuously adapting our processes and our service delivery to match our client's expectations. By providing our clients with solutions that are innovative, value for money, robust and suitable. By providing a friendly atmosphere which encourages creativity, innovation and excellence in our team.


Our Methodology

AI Next IT Solutions product standard mandates that all software projects shall have a life cycle approach consisting of the following basic phases. User Requirements (UR) definition, Software Requirements (SR) specification, Architectural Design (AD) specification, Detailed Design (DD) and production of the code, Transfer (TR) of software to operation, and finally Operations and Maintenance (OM) phase.

What we are?

Our vast experience in Software Development over years enables us to deliver the software solutions & services on time to suit any type of business models on time. We deliver perfect solutions to all sorts of marketing plan concepts with a comprehensive & advanced features that are in demand as well as in latest trends. We are committed to provide perfect solutions to your unlimited Imaginations & ideas by executing the projects as per the specifications given by our clients.

Our Services

AI Next offers end-to-end services right from web application development to mobile apps on any platforms and technologies

Product Engineering

We have expertise in developing desktop applications that suit various requirements like network applications, security systems, database systems and file sharing applications etc which suit your custom needs. We develop desktop application products on any technologies.

Software Development

AI Next development team has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. We believe in developing long lasting business solution rather than just developing an application, which satisfies your needs for short period.

Mobile App Development

Our highly-skilled team of developers can work to deliver your application on a variety of platforms. They are trained to make use of the latest tools and software programs to ensure that your app appeals to a wide audience. Our expertise lies in all app technologies over any platforms and devices.

Web Design

Our services feature the creation of high traffic Internet homepages with striking visuals, customized content, and great attention to user interface details. We develop uncompromising online solutions that draw from our unique resources and insights to achieve client-driven goals. We offer web solutions ranging from professional corporate websites, e-commerce website, micro to flash websites.

Content Development

Content-rich web sites that are customer focused, creative, effective, easy to read and innovative in their approach retain visitors and converts them as customers. Our Programmers provides content development services that would help you improve your company and its services in a way that would elicit positive responses from your web site visitors.


AI Next is highly experienced in developing and supporting e-Commerce enabled sites from end-to-end. We build web-based interface that provides complete, real-time control over all aspects on your online store that are integral to your business, such as making price changes, placing items on sale, charging sales tax and shipping, tracking order history and inventory, and creating and editing products.

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Our Valuable and Dedicated Team

AI Next hires individuals with zeal and dedication

Padmaja Nandeti

Director of Operations & Business Development

Rizwan Mohmmad

Senior Software Developer

Sravan Kumar

Testing Engineer


Senior Software Developer(Freelance)


Finance Department(Freelance)

Our Flagship Products

AI Next has engineered flagship products in Education, Health and Realty sectors

Smart Campus

Core Features

  • Smart Management ERP
  • Smart Website with CMS
  • Smart Communication
  • Smart Digital Library
  • Smart Tools
  • Smart Virtual Classrooms
  • Smart Mobile App

Test Runner

Core Features

  • Learning Management System
  • Online Assessments
  • Offline Assessments with OMR
  • OMR Software
  • Student-Teacher Community
  • Indepth Student Analytics
  • Comparative Analytics to Admin

Lab Communicator

Core Features

  • Lab/Clinic Management ERP
  • Online Billing & Reporting
  • Customer Engagement
  • 1500+ Tests with Templates
  • Communication with SMS & E-mail
  • Referral Management
  • Analytics to Patient & Doctor

IIT Foundation

Core Features

  • 5-Phase Learning Solutions
  • IIT Foundation Material
  • Question-Paper Generator
  • Online & Offline Assessments
  • Student Learderboards
  • Indepth Analytics to Students
  • Comparative Analytics to Admin

Topper Community

Core Features

  • Knowledge Hub
  • Idea Box
  • QA Box
  • Group Learning
  • Internal & Group Messenger
  • Group Learning
  • Virtual Classes Homework Help

Latest Articles

AI Next round the clock researches on the role of varied Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in different domains

Indian education system since my schooling to till date

Mar, 2015

To begin on an optimistic note, education system in India is competitive and trains students rigorously to withstand fierce competition on a global scale. We must admit that our students are at par if not superior to most of the students abroad.

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Role of technology in education in mere future..?

Mar, 2015

We had to forget devices, the future of education technology is all about the cloud technology and anywhere access. In the future, teaching and learning is going to be social. I was always thinking what would be the future of technology in education was. It has been really an interesting question for me all the time.

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Equitable quality formal education is my right too..

Mar, 2015

If its a fundamental right of a child, why cant we find the advanced technologies, learning materials, infrastructure, proper buildings & hygienic conditions in Govt.Schools. If that is the case why do Govt. want to give provision of such “Free & Compulsory Education Schemes”?

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Transformation in the true meaning of Education...

Apr, 2015

Education in ancient India began around 3rd Century BC in the form of Gurukuls. The main aim of this system of education is “Training for the completeness of Life”, and moulding the character of men & women for the battle of life. But this has been transformed to “Learning for Earning”.

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Simple search for organized content

Apr, 2015

Self-learning is taking in information, processing it, and retaining it without the need for another individual to be teaching it in order for the understanding to occur. Today society is looking for students having core skills in critical and creative thinking, communication, problem solving, teamwork and positive personal self-management.

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Quotes that, I believe in

Jul, 2015

First Education community platform for 21st Century CONNECTED learning, provides an open environment to engage,explore & experiment by Student and let him post questions, create innovations & ideas.

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